While You Were (Are) Waiting…

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…I made a playlist for Soundings.  It’s more like a bunch of vaguely ocean-related songs, some of which resonate with the book, but stay tuned for a very exciting & pithy new blog post!  Be sure to check out the last song on this list, which is by my talented and delightfully-named former student Olivia Rose Muzzy.  Oh, and sadly there are no whale songs on this list, but if someone sends me a link I’ll update the post.  Isn’t there a Seal song with whale sounds on it?!  Or was that dolphins?

Have other song suggestions?  Post them in the comments section.


Billie Holiday

“How Deep is the Ocean”

I’ll tell you no lie

How deep is the ocean?


Bobby Darin

“Beyond the Sea”

It is near.

Beyond the moon.


Otis Redding

“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”

I can’t do what ten people tell me to do,

so I guess I’ll remain the same.


Ted Leo

“The Crane Takes Flight”

But don’t you let them tell you that you’re wrong.


Frank Ocean

“Swim Good”

Im’a try to swim from something bigger than me.

Kick off my shoes and swim good,

swim good.


Team Dresch

“Uncle Phranc”

She told me if I go in the ocean

I’ve got to know it’s the shark’s world.


Marine Girls

“Marine Girls”

Try so hard

Try to be

What every girl should be



“Watercolours into the Ccean”

I took a picture

I was sick of motion

Of watercolours in the ocean


Arthur Russell

“The Platform on the ocean”

I hear the sound of the white caps

out on the ocean


Patti Smith


wave thou art pretty

wave thou art high


Olivia Rose Muzzy

“Oceans/Field Dance”

find a new way to lead us.

i have been lost.


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